Our Doctor

Dr. Freedman has been officially recognized as one of the best physicians in South Florida.

Robert A. Freedman, M.D.


“The Doctor’s Doctor.”

Board Certified in two specialties of Internal Medicine and in practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Freedman practices traditional medicine in a modern world, making him especially suited for the values of MyMD. Featured nationally on television and in the courtroom for his expert medical opinion, professionals turn to Dr. Freedman for the answers they need. Honored to be chosen as the physician of choice for numerous dignitaries, politicians, and Heads of State during their travels through South Florida, the doctor is trusted, and is consulted even once they return home. After being treated by Dr. Freedman, many patients request his continued care on a full time basis, as they are moved by the doctor’s warmth, skill, honesty and expertise. MyMD was created in response to the desires of numerous patients to have Dr. Freedman available to them exclusively, so he may offer them the extensive time and devotion he always gives of himself, and the personalized, all embracing complete care Dr. Freedman is so well known for, and routinely delivers, to each of his patients.